Beispiel Periode

KILIMS 1993 - 2001

During a trip to Turkey, KM succumbed to the charm of the old woven carpets, their natural materiality, their colourfulness, their smell, the traditional craftsmanship materialised in them. It never lets him go. When he travels to Turkey again a few months later, he already has elaborated designs of non-traditional patterns with him.

With the luck of the adventurer, KM finds a village in central Anatolia where women have been weaving kilims in winter for generations. He was able to arouse the villagers’ enthusiasm for the project. For the next 10 years, KM travelled to Turkey about 25 times, up to three times a year for a few weeks. This is how the kilims woven according to his designs come into being in the tiny settlement of Ortak√∂y near the Sultanhani caravanserai in the hinterland of Aksaray.

KILIMS PROJECT 1993 - 1995