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Klaus Meister

149, Chemin Les Hauts de Gassinière


83580 Gassin




We hereby inform you in accordance with Art. 6-III and 19 of the French law about trust in digital business transactions as follows: The current website is managed and editorially supported by Klaus Meister himself.


Intellectual property

The website is subject to French and international law, in particular with regard to intellectual property and personal data. The data, symbols, iconographies, photographs, images, texts, videos, animations with or without sound as well as other elements that are presented on the website are protected by industrial property rights and / or property rights that belong solely to Klaus Meister and only these authorize reproduction and publication. In this sense, any partial or complete reproduction, publication, adaptation, translation and / or modification as well as distribution in any form is prohibited without the prior written consent of Klaus Meister. The above acts constitute a violation of Art. L. 335-2 ff. Of the Law on Intellectual Property. The making of copies for private purposes with regard to these legal objects is allowed in accordance with Art. L122-5 of the Law on Intellectual Property.